Comprehensive Care

PTSD and trauma patients have many other health concerns apart from their need for stellate ganglion blocks in Maryland. Our practice aims to provide everything needed for comfort and health.

A SGB Doctor in Maryland consulting with a patient

After-Care Followups

Our doctors will check your condition and progress over time. We’ll schedule sessions to ensure positive treatment results over an extended period of time.

Priority Appointments

Our staff works on your schedule, and we can set priority appointments if you need treatment right away. Learn more about how our system works and how to set your appointment.

Our Locations

We have state-of-the-art medical centers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with bright and spacious rooms that provide a peaceful, clean, and calming energy.

Our Health Partners

Pain and Spine Specialists is comprehensive pain management practice in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia that provides dedicated patient care for those suffering from moderate to severe pain. Their team of advanced pain specialists and nurse practitioners are committed to giving you the most effective care when treating your pain.

The board certified doctors at Gemini TMS uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to help patient with depression. TMS is a non-pharmacological treatment that provides relief from chronic depression without the worry of side effects from medications. TMS can work on its own or in conjunction with existing treatments

Shakthi Health and Wellness is a a integrative specialty care practice that uses and integrative medicine approach to enhance the health and vitality or their patients. As integrative medicine doctors, they focus on the whole you and not just your illness with comprehensive treatments plans are designed to address the root causes of your condition to promote whole-body health.

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